Alice Liddell (lithiymbarbie) wrote in coupon_finder,
Alice Liddell

Hey, mums and dads!

Just wanted to let you all know that I've got a ton of baby stuff going up on eBay soon-- super cute baby clothes in a range of sizes and ages (from newborn to about 4 toddler) lots of styles and seasons, many items brand new with tags still attatched! It breaks my heart to let some of this stuff go, but little Kallista (my younger sister) outgrew it all so fast! So don't miss your chance to dress up your little princess while you still can!

You can check out the current auctions HERE. Most of our items are grouped together into either lots or super cute complete outfits, and we're always willing to let them go at a fair price. Be sure to check back often, too, because it's not all auctioning at once-- we have so many cute clothes and accessories that we're going to be at this for weeks!
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