JiananTonic (jianantonic) wrote in coupon_finder,

Mary Kay special Paypal offer - today only!

Offer good until 9pm EST tonight! Paypal payments only.

I am a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant, and I need to place an order TONIGHT, but I need more orders. I am offering a special discount today only - good on any products on my website - to get my orders in. Mary Kay is a great company, and I use my sales to pay for graduate school. Please consider a purchase today:)

20% off ANY order from www.marykay.com/megtaylor when you mention coupon_finder on your order.

Add 5% for sales tax and $4 for shipping when you make your payment. If this is not properly calculated, the order will be placed but not shipped until the full amount is paid.
Payment must be received by Paypal by 9pm EST tonight or the order will not be processed.

To calculate your price:
On the checkout page, where you see "Estimated Order Cost," multiply that price by .8 - this will be your price with the 20% discount.

Then multiply that number by 1.05 - this is your price including tax.

Add $4 to the total for shipping, and send your payment via paypal to mrsjcow@yahoo.com

Thank you so much!
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